Wednesday, January 7th, 2015


Special Order CrossFit Defined Zip up Hoodies!   Click Here! Ordering Deadline: This Saturday, Jan. 10th, Noon!  10 colors to choose from. Unisex sizing.  There will be samples of all sizes available to try on by Wednesday in both facilities!


Lincoln Square: “Mobility” with Coach Cara, 7-8pm. Focusing on RESTORING full range of motion in the posterior chain. Hamstrings, glutes, low back. Prevent injury and optimize position for stronger lifts. All your power is generated from the center outward. Free your hammies! If you cant touch your toes or ever have lower back pain from Squats or Deadlifts; this class is for you!

Option 1:
Shoulder Press X 6 Sets
55%x10, 65%x7, 75%x5, 80%x3x3
Option 2:
Shoulder Press: Find heavy 1 for the day in 6 sets
Drop sets X 2
75% X max reps
Rest 2 minutes

Option 1:
3 Rounds, not for time
Double Db or Kb Pushpress X 10 reps
Strict Pullups X 8-12 reps
Banded Pull aparts X 20 reps
Rest as needed between rounds
Option 2:
5 Rounds, 30 on/ 30 off
Max reps Chest to bar pullups
-Scale to regular pullups if needed.
*This is your chance to work on technique in stringing multiple reps together. Butterfly if you can! Record total number over 5 rounds and how you felt with your current technique and performance.

Option 1:
3 Rounds: 40 ON/20 OFF
1 Arm KB/DB Thruster 55/35lbs
Mountain Climbers
Russian KB Swings 55/35lbs
Option 2:
3 Rounds: 40 ON/20 OFF
Barbell Thrusters 115/75lbs
Box Jumps 30/24″
Bent Over Row 115/75lbs