Monday, January 12th, 2015


Next Onramps:
LakeView: January 25th
LincolnSquare: February 2nd

Week 2 of 4: Each 4 week cycle will finish with a deload week. There will be 3 cycles before our 1st out of 3 testing weeks for the year. The 1st testing week of the year will be April 20th.
Tuesday Preview: Oly work and our next baseline Open WOD, 13.2.

**Additional Accessory Work for the Open: You are going to see additional accessory work programmed to be done after class. The Post WOD accessory work will be geared towards our athletes preparing for the open; but all athletes will benefit from this work.  The 3 sessions will each have a focus: Tuesday/Prehab, Wednesday/Endurance, and Friday/Strength.

A. BackSquat: Week 2/4
-4 Sets, 1 every 2 1/2 minutes.
Option 1: 75%X5X4
*Add 5lbs from last week’s effort.
Option 2: 75%x5x4
*Add 10-20lbs from last week’s effort. Stay consistent with how much you increase each week.

B. 3 Rounds, not for time
Option 1:
Single arm single leg shoulder press with KB/DB X 10 each side
Hamstring Deathmarch X 40 feet
Plank X 1 Minute
Option 2:
-Using 35% of 1rm BackSquat for both stations
Good Mornings X 8
Snatch Grip OH Lunge X 16
Rest as needed
*Use a weight that promotes a stable overhead position.
**Add 5-10lbs from last weeks effort.

Option 1: For time
Wallballs 20/14lbs
Option 2: For time
Dynamic Pushups 45/25lbs
Toes to Bar
*7 Minute Cap