Programming Details; Cycle #1: 1/8 – 2/4, 2018


Cycle #1 Programming Details: January 8th to February 4th. 2018

The primary barbell focus on this cycle will be as follows:

  • Front Squat + Jerk complex
  • 3 Position Clean or Snatch
  • Wendler Bench Press
  • Skill Training

The secondary focuses will include:

  • Higher volume wods with moderate weights in the Squat, Deadift and bodyweight movements like pullups and pushups.
  • Shoulder mobility and activation drills
  • CF Open WOD practice

We have 6 weeks till the 2018 CrossFit Open begins on the week of Feb. 19th. That means we will be switching focus from building absolute strength to increasing our endurance, stamina and cardio with bodyweight and lighter weight barbell movements.

The FS + Jerk complex is based off the C&J 1rm and will increase in percentage every week.  The higher rep front squats leading up the jerk will replicate the feeling of a heavier Jerk but will also increase your ability to stabilize heavy weights over head when tired.

The 3 Position Clean/Snatch on weeks 1 +3 coupled with the Hang Power Clean/Snatch on weeks 2+4 will improve our ability to maintain position while cycling through heavier percentages on your Weightlifting movements. The option to work with the Snatch or Clean is up to the athlete to choose which lift they want to improve upon.

Wendler Bench press will be coupled with the shoulder activation and mobility stations each week. The idea is to train the athlete on what a healthy pressing position looks and feels like by spending more time with drills and exercises that will help improve posture and properly warmup the athlete for high volume pressing each week.

We will be performing either a CrossFit Open workout from one of the previous years or an interval version of an CF Open WOD (workout of the day). These workouts will challenge our athletes physically and mentally early on and will set us up for success as we get closer to the Open competition.

Lastly, you will see more skill training and higher volume HSPUs (hand stand push ups), muscle ups, kipping pullups and toes to bar.  Getting more time with these skills as a stand alone practice or within workouts will make sure we are ready for the high volume expected in the Open. Practice makes perfect!