Monday, March 12th, 2018 Week 4: CrossFit Open! #Definedintramurals


Today’s Specialty Classes

“CrossFit Kids” @ Lincoln Square, 6-7pm  Ages 5-10 years old. Pre-registration required. Week 5/6. Our next 6 week session starting April 7th will include a weekend class option; registration coming soon! Email if you would like more information!

Announcements & Upcoming Events

CrossFit Open 18.3 Score Submission: Reminder to submit your scores by Monday 7pm at the latest! Submit here! 

Free “Intro to CrossFit” Class for anyone completely new to CrossFit. Tell a friend, bring a friend, come support someone new! Saturday, March 24th from 11am-Noon. Classes offered at both gyms (Lakeview & Lincoln Square). Register here.

Next available Onramps: Contact Coach, to schedule your Q&A intro session and hold your spot in our next Fundamentals Program! (limited space available in both)

Lakeview: Next onramp starting Sunday, March 11th (registration open till 3/13)
Lincoln Square: Next onramp starting this Monday, March 12th

Deload/Transition Week. Next Cycle starting March 19th.

Close Grip Bench Press: Sets of 3 with pace
-Take 10 minutes building to a heavy working weight
-Pace: (3.1.X.1) 3 down, 1 at the bottom, explode up, 1 at the top

4 Rounds: Every 3 minutes;
Close Grip Bench Press @ working weight x 3 reps with pace
1/2 Kneeling Rotational Chop: Low to high X 10 each side
Reverse Plank X 30 seconds
Rest remaining time of each round

10 Minute Amrap
10 X Calorie Row
10 X HSPU or  Walking Plate Pushups
20 X Overhead Plate Crunches

Team Yellow