Conjugate Defined // Semi-Private Training Group

CJ Feature

Coach Ben and Coach David have developed Conjugate Defined: a new semi-private strength-based program designed for eight interested athletes who want to challenge their current strength, address movement imbalances, and increase performance across a broad spectrum.

Conjugate Defined has dramatically shifted the way we approach our own training, and now we want to share it with those who enjoy individualized attention, personalized rep schemes and complementary movement progressions. This small-group training team is intended to feel unique with a hyper-focus on feedback. Being able to receive rep-by-rep feedback will dramatically increase each athlete’s ability to advance. This is an opportunity to make training changes and tailor the program on an individual basis.

Performace markers for each athlete will be showcased in a variety of ways. For some it will be about lifting heavier weights, for others, it will be about being able to do multiple bodyweight push-ups or pull-ups for the first time, and for a few, it might be about improving quality of life or getting closer to Rx weights in a CrossFit class. Regardless of your goals, strength matters, and we will deliver on that.

Conjugate Defined programming emphasizes the following:

  • Conjugate Strength Methods
  • Addressing unilateral upper and lower body weaknesses
  • Speed training to enhance the ability to exert maximal force
  • Targeted rep-schemes to engage weak underused muscle groups
  • Conditioning work intended to improve muscular work capacity
  • A decrease in body-fat
  • Implement band work and accessory chains to increase resistance
  • Goal-setting with a performance mindset

There are absolutely no training pre-requisites necessary, prior to participation. Truthfully, we’d love to work with athletes new to strength training. If you’re dedicated, focused and exert a positive attitude, this is the right team for you. The program is all about strength. But goal setting concepts, mindset components, and relentless feedback are what you’re going to get. I don’t care what you can squat, press, pull, push or do right now, I care that in 6 weeks you’ve made some performance improvements (mentally and physically).

Here are the details to get you going:

    • We are running two sessions this time.
    • The AM Session will meet on Tuesday & Thursday from 12p to 1p (June 5th through June 28th)
    • The PM Session will meet on Tue, Thur & Fri from 6p to 7p (June 5th through June 29th)
    • The cost of the program is $205 for the PM session and $185. Please register here.

Please email with any questions.

Final thoughts. The goals of the Conjugate Defined 102 Small Group Program are simple (to get stronger and become anti-fragile); you are going to receive hyper-focused coaching, immediate feedback and on the fly adjustments while surrounding yourself with like-minded high performing individuals and capitalizing on the team atmosphere.