Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 Testing Week!


Today’s Specialty Classes

“Life Lifting” @ Lincoln Square with Coach David, 8-9pm. All members welcome, no experience needed.

“Mobility” @ Lakeview with Coach Ben W., 6:30-7pm. April Focus:Focusing on Shoulders, Biceps, Wrist & Elbows. Let’s not negate these crucial joints any longer and focus on your limbs to optimize your performance in the gym and keep you pain free outside of the gym! Better dips, Better pulls and pain free shoulder, wrists, forearms and elbows.

Announcements & Upcoming Events

CFD Apparel Flash Sale: We are doing a quick 5 day pre-order on our sweatshirts, zip-ups, and sweatpants. The orders will close on Friday @ 5p so we can ship everything to the printer and get it back in 7 – 10 days. Order now. Order here. And don’t forget to get your significant other (or your parents) something.

Free “Intro to CrossFit” Class for anyone completely new to CrossFit. Tell a friend, bring a friend, come support someone new! Saturday, May 12th from 11am-Noon. Classes offered at both gyms (Lakeview & Lincoln Square). Register Here!

Next available Onramps: Contact Coach Cara@crossfitdefined.com, to schedule your Q&A intro session or hold your spot in our next Fundamentals Program! (Limited spots in both onramps)

Lakeview: Next Group Onramp; Sunday, April 29th
Lincoln Square: Next Group Onramp; Monday, April 30th

First “Testing Phase” of 2018!  Every 4 months we have a 2 week window where we will be testing many of your core barbell lifts, Girl/Hero WODS, and baseline CFD workouts.

Use these next 2 weeks to either establish and record new numbers or check in with your last testing results.  Each testing element will be a great way to check in with your current conditioning and/or strength level! Recording your numbers for these next 2 weeks is extremely valuable in being accountable to your training and making sure you are growing and progressing in our program at CFD.

Next Cycle starts on Monday April 30th!

Week’s Preview:
Wednesday: The Bear or The Bull + “Pacing”
Friday: GPP + “FGB”

Back Squat:
-Take 20 minutes, build to a heavy 5, 3, or 1 rep max for the day!
-Suggested Rep scheme: 5-5-3-3-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1

*Optional sub station: Tall Box Jumps X 5
(every 5 seconds X 5 reps; jump to something that is under your max height box jump)

Bodyweight Endurance Test: Athlete’s choice!

15 Minute Amrap
5 X Pullups
10 X Pushups
15 X Airsquats

15 Minute Amrap
5 X Handstand Pushups
10 X Alternating Pistols
15 X Pullups

Our first CF Teens class with Coach Danny @ Lincoln Square! #hoozah!