Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 Testing Week at CFD!


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Thighs (& Pies) – Ladies event coming up on Aug 10th @ 8p. This is open to both current and prospective members as well as friends and family of our members. Details here.

Personal Training @ CFD – Our Defined Personal Training program allows athletes an opportunity to work one-on-one with our knowledgeable coaching team to refine or review specialty skills, general technique, and/or lifestyle practices.  To learn more about our 7 different personal training options: Click here!

Free “Intro to CrossFit” Class for anyone completely new to CrossFit. Tell a friend, bring a friend, come support someone new! Saturday, August 11th from 11am-Noon. Register here! 

Next Defined On-Ramp – Sunday, August 19th – Contact Coach, to register for any upcoming onramp and/or if you have any questions regarding our program.

If interested in scheduling an introductory conversation to sit-down to discuss your goals, athletic background, injuries or limitations, tour the facility and answer any questions you may have about our program. Click here! 

Gym Guide for Success (& Safety) – New article posted here.

Second “Testing Phase” of 2018!  Every 4 months we have a 2 week window where we will be testing many of your core barbell lifts, Girl/Hero WODS, and baseline CFD workouts.

Use these next 2 weeks to either establish and record new numbers or check in with your last testing results.  Each testing element will be a great way to gauge your current conditioning and strength! Recording your numbers for these next 2 weeks is extremely valuable to being accountable to your training and making sure you are growing and progressing in our program.

Next Cycle starts on Monday August 20th!
Test Week Preview-
Friday: DL or SDL 3/1rm test + Row Repeats

Back Squat
-Take 20 minutes, build to a heavy 3, or 1 rep max for the day!
-Suggested Rep scheme: 5-5-3-3-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1
-Use a spotter for any rep above 90%!
For time; (8 minute cap)

30 X Clean and Jerks
-Power, muscle and/or full squat cleans are all acceptable

-Competition RX: 135/95lbs
-Barbell weight should not exceed 50% of C&J and/or 55-60% of Push press

Ladies Night! This Friday, 8pm. Registration on Home page! Bring friends, family and anybody that wants to learn more about our program. 🙂