Lift n’ Learn


Join DEFINED on Saturday, October 5th at 11am for our Lift n’ Learn event. A fun, free, and educational 1-hour all-levels workout designed to introduce new athletes to our style of strength and conditioning.

Each class begins with a coach-led warm-up and ends with a high-five! Designed to familiarize athletes with new skills and strengths, our community and our coaches, this class runs at a slower pace to emphasize education and technique. But don’t worry: we’ll make sure you sweat as much as you smile. 

Post workout we will have one of our head coaches available to answer any questions you have about our community, classes and training program.

Register here for our next L&L session: Saturday, Oct. 5th 

Questions? Please email us at

If you would prefer to schedule a “no-sweat” intro meeting to sit down with a coach and talk about your background, goals, and answer any questions, you can do that here.