Monday, March 18th, 2019

** Defined Intramural 19.4: Reminder to submit your scores by end of day Monday! Link Here!

Week’s Preview: Deload/Transition Week. New cycle starts on Monday March 25th.
Tuesday: Bench Press
Wednesday: SDL or DL with pace
Friday: Defined Intramural + Open workout 19.5

3 Position Clean or Snatch
– Power or full squat are both options
– Ground/Hang/High (1+1+1)
– Take 15 minutes building to heavy for the day!

Partner WOD: Teams of 2
4 Rounds for time: (15 minute cap)
Row 500 meters
1 Round of “DT”
12 X Deadlifts
9 X Hang Power Cleans
6 X Power Jerks

*Only 1 person working at a time. Break up the work however your team decides!

*Barbell weight: Should be no more than 55-60% of C&J or 65-70% of heavy from Part A.