Friday, April 19th, 2019

Cycle #3: Week 4/4
Our first testing phase of 2019 starts next week!

Bulgarian Split Squat
– Take 3 sets building to a working weight
– Perform 8 reps each leg
– Goblet, front rack, side carry
– Take 5 minutes

3 Rounds: Perform 1 Round every 3 minutes;
Bulgarian Split Squat @ working weight X 5 reps each leg
– Pause in the bottom of each rep for 1 second. Drive up through heel!
*Follow each set with:
Flexed Arm Hang
– Accumulate 30-40 seconds in this position
– Any grip style, keep shoulders packed!
– Rest remaining time of each round

Tabata: Spend 8 Rounds @ each station
Skater Jumps
Russian Twists with medball
Bear Crawl
Superman flutter kicks


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