Massage @ Defined


We are happy to announce that Defined is now offering massage services for all of your recovery needs.

One of our Defined members, Michelle Elisabeth, has joined our team and we are excited and happy to finally have a trusted reference for anybody looking for bodywork and recovery services.

Massage is the perfect prescription for preventing injuries, relieving stress, reducing anxiety, increasing flexibility, pain management or simply general body maintenance.

We are offering 30, 60- and 90- minutes sessions at one of Core Physical Therapy Clinics, a partner of ours, in Lincoln Park.

Located at the Clark and Diversey intersection with availability almost every day of the week! 

Whether you are experiencing work/life fatigue, have difficulty sleeping or have endured high levels of training for months or years; working with Michelle could dramatically improve all areas of your performance. Click the link below for schedule information, rates and booking. Click here.

Personal Training – Details Here.

Nutrition Link – Details Here.

Fighting Gravity Small Group Bodyweight – Details Here.