Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

“The Lunge Ladies” and their Sunday Brunch bunch!

New cycle starts this week!
Week’s Preview: Week 1/4
Wednesday: Box Squats + Posterior Chain work
Friday: Long wod + Running 

Gymnastics Holds: 3 Rounds for quality: 30 seconds ON/ 30 seconds OFF
Hollow Body Hold
Superman Hold
Handstand Hold facing wall or Wall Climb
Ring/Box Support Hold

Strength Circuit: 4 Rounds; perform every 3 minutes
Landmine Press from Split Stance
– 10 reps each side, building in weight each round
Ring or Box Dips
– Performed slowly with control x 30-40 seconds
Rope Climb or Rope Pull to standing
– 1-2 ascents, something that can be completed in 30-40 seconds

10 Minute Amrap
5 X Pushpress with DB each side
7 X Pushups
9 X V-ups
11 X Goblet Squats with DB

*Choose a moderate to heavy DB weight that you can perform each set unbroken


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