Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

Week’s Preview: Week 2/4
Wednesday: Partner Long WOD + Running
Friday: OLY + CF Benchmark WOD: “Randy”

Tabata Mashup: 20 On/10 Off X 4 Rounds
Situp to Straddle Reach
– Add a light plate or medball when comfortable!
Glute Bridge Narrow Stance
– Squeeze legs together, tuck tailbone and drive through heels!
Side Plank Leg Lift, L
– Only advance to the leg lift portion if your side plank is fire!
Side Plank Leg Lift, R

Box Squats: Sets of 5
– Spend 10 sets building to a moderate to heavy weight with no fails!
– Prioritize technique and have control for the full ROM before getting heavy!
– Perform a set every 90 seconds 
– How to Box Squat tips and position

9 Minute Amrap
Jumping Goblet Squats X 5 reps
Weighted Step Ups with KB X 10 reps
Russian Twist X 30 reps


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