Friday, May 17th, 2019

Cycle #4: Week 2/4

Clean + Hang Clean + Split Jerk
– (1+1+1), building to heavy with no fails
– Take 15 minutes
– Scale to Power Catch if needed

2 Rounds: Every 2.5 minutes
Perform max reps Front Squats using heavy from Part A.
– Sets must be unbroken
– Goal is 6-10 reps, adjust weight as needed to make it challenging to get to 10 reps.

CrossFit Benchmark workout: “Randy”
For time: (8 minute cap)
75 X Power Snatches

– Competition Rx weight: 75/55lbs
– Scale to Hang Power Snatch if needed

*Choose a barbell weight that you can maintain minimum sets of 5 touch and go. Use no more than 35% of Pushpress or Snatch 1rm. 


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