Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Week’s Preview: Week 3/4
Wednesday: Clean + Fs + Jerk Combo
Friday: Pressing

10 Minute Rope Climb Technique:
– No worries we have options for all strength levels!

Level 1: Working on grip and pull strength, dont yet have a strict pullup.
Rope pull to standing: Starting from a supine face up position, stay in hollow and pull yourself hand over hand to a standing position with control and body tightness, once at the top lower yourself back down to the floor!
Practice for 1 minute before resting.

Level 2: Working on the technique of establishing the foot hold position and may or may not have a strict pull up, but confident holding your bodyweight on the cage or rope for at least 15 second increments.
– Establishing your foot hold position then adding your bodyweight as load.
Seated on box Foot Hold position
Knees to Chest Rope Pinch
Practice for 1 minute before resting.

Level 3: Already have the foot hold technique and can also perform strict pullups in sets.
– Practicing your efficient rope climb technique with 80% of your bodyweight loaded in your feet for each pull.
Practice 1-3 ascents in a row before resting.

E.M.O.T.M. X 5 Rounds (24 minutes)
Work max effort for 35-40 seconds each round, leaving 20-25 seconds for rest and recovery!
Min 1: Row for calories
Min 2: Heavy Wallballs
Min 3: Toes to Bar or Hang Tucks
Min 4: Touch Sprints (30 ft. cones)
Min 5: Rest

*Use the first round to establish a rep goal for each station. This rep range will be your target for each round thereafter!


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