Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Week’s Preview: Week 3/4
Friday: Pressing + Running

Our most recent Foundations group with their free meals provided by KB kitchen!

Clean + Front Squat + Jerk: (1+2+1)
– If you scale to Power Clean, perform 3 front squats prior to the Jerk
– Build to a heavy for the day with no fails!
– Take 15 minutes

4 Rounds: 3 Minutes ON/ 1 Minute Rest
Power Cleans X 3 reps, unbroken
Shoulder to Overhead X 5 reps
Double Unders X 25 reps
– Option to replace Doubles with Lateral Bar Hops X 12 reps

*Barbell weight: If you know your 1rm C&J, use no more than 50% of that, otherwise use no more than 65% of what you built up to in Part A.
Expectation is that you hit the P. Cleans unbroken every round with only 1 break for the Shoulder to Overhead. It should feel light to moderate in weight.


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