Monday, June 3rd, 2019

Beach WODs happen once per month during the Summer @ Defined! Stay tuned for our next outdoor session!

Next Cycle Starts on Monday 6/10.
Week’s Preview: Deload/Transition Week
Tuesday: Team Long WOD + Running
Wednesday: Sumo Deadlift
Friday: Hang Power Snatch

– Sets of 3s
– Building X 8 Rounds, every 90 seconds
– Use Squat racks
– Choose Back or Front rack, athlete’s choice!

– Sets of 2s
– Building X 4 Rounds, every 90 seconds
– Choose Back or Front rack, athlete’s choice!

“Team San Fran Crippler” (10 minute cap)
2 Rounds: For max reps Back Squats
Teams of 2, both working at the same time
Station 1: Row 500/400 meters
Station 2: Max reps Back Squat

*Back Squat weight should be no more than 55% of 1rm)


**Refer a friend and receive $50 off your next month @ Defined! Next Foundations starts Sunday, June 2nd! (Late registration open for 24 more hours! )