Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

Next Cycle Starts on Monday 6/10.
Week’s Preview: Deload/Transition Week
Friday: Hang Power Snatch

2 Rounds for Quality: 1 minute On/ 15 seconds Off
Foam Roller assisted Single Leg RDL with pace
– Pace: 3 seconds up, 3 seconds down with each rep
– Spend 30 seconds on each side
– Use a Pvc or long Foam roller for stability assistance
Suitcase Carry X Left Side
Suitcase Carry X Right Side

Sumo Deadlift with Eccentric pacing
– Sets of 8s,
– Building over 12 minutes
– 4 seconds down, touch and go with every rep!

5 Rounds for time: (12 minute cap)
20 X Russian KB Swings, unbroken
15 X Goblet Squats, unbroken
10 X Pushups
– If you can perform 10 unbroken from your toes, option to start experimenting with varied hand positions from narrow to wide
5 X Strict Chinups


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