Friday, June 14th, 2019

New Cycle starts this week! 
Week 1/4

Saturday Schedule Reminder:
8am – Def con
9am – Strength
10am – Team WOD
11am – Team WOD
11am to 12:30pm – Weightlifting, (trying out a new time slot)
*Open Gym: Available from 8am to 11am only!

NUTRITION Q & A: This Saturday, 11:15-Noon
What to eat? When and How much? Should you take probiotics, use supplementation, try fasting, go into macros, check your labs?
Stop the unnecessary confusion and ASK THE EXPERTS! Coach Cara and Registered Dietitian Kristen DeAngelis, RD, LD will help you OPTIMIZE your training, body composition, and specific health-related goals. Bring any questions you may have for this open Q&A discussion.

Strength Circuit X 6 Rounds:
Perform the following; Every 2.5 minutes,
Sumo Deadlift with pace X 5 reps
– Pace:, (2 seconds up, 1 second at the top, 3 seconds down, touch and go!)
– Building every round
Front Foot Elevated Bulgarian Split Squat with pace X 5 reps each side
– Pace: 2.1.X.0 ) 2 seconds down, 1 second at the bottom, explode up, no rest at the top)
– Build to a working weight
– Keeping single DB in goblet position or Double DB in side body!

14 Minute Team Amrap
In teams of 2 with only 1 partner working at a time;
7 Minute Amrap
Row X Max distance
– Alternating every 15 strokes
7 Minute Amrap of the following:
Slamball X 6 reps
Double Arm Thruster X 6 Reps
*While partner holds a plank!

*Score is total distance rowed as a team and total rounds and reps from Amrap!


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