Monday, June 24th, 2019

Week’s Preview: Week 3/4
Tuesday: Sumo Deadlift
Wednesday: Strict Press + Running
Friday: Hang Power Cleans

Working OUT VI – Team FitAid

3 Rounds: 45 seconds On / 15 seconds Off
Nose to wall shoulder taps
– Scaling versions available for all levels in class!
Weighted lateral lunges
Side plank with leg raises

Teams of 2: 20 Minute Team Amrap
100 Meter Row
10 X Wallballs
10 X Russian KB Swings
10 X Push-ups
10 X Box jumps
10 X Burpees

*Add 100 meters to the Row and 10 reps to each movement every round!

**Split the work with your partner however you want!


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