Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

Week’s Preview: Week 4/4
Wednesday: OLY – Hang Power Cleans
Thursday: Closed for the 4th!
Friday: 9am, Noon and 5pm ONLY.

Summer Lift Off. “Smooth is fast” – Coach B.

Every 3 Minutes x 6 Rounds
6 X Sumo Deadlifts with 3 second eccentric
8 X Elevated Bulgarian Split Squats (each leg)
30 second X Support Hold
– Ring, dip bars or box, choose something that challenges your current strength and skill level!

*Use remaining time of each round to adjust weight for both the Sumo and Bulgarian lifts.

For time: (12 minute cap)
Teams of 3, follow the leader;
Row X 150/100 meters
21 X Slamballs
21 Double DB thrusters
21 KB Sumo Deadlift high pulls
Row X 150/100 meters
15s of each
Row X 150/100 meters
9s of each

Workout Notes:
Teams of 3. Athlete 1 starts on rower, while others are resting. When athlete 1 completes row they will move on to slam-balls. Athlete 2 will start the row. Athlete 1 completes the slam-balls they will move on to Double DB thruster. Athlete 2 will move to slamball. Athlete 3 will begin row. Athletes cannot advance until the athlete in front has advanced. Follow this pattern until everyone has completed all the row intervals and 21-15-9 of each of the movements.


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