Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Training Preview: Week 2/4
Tuesday: Bench Press + Running WOD
Wednesday: Partner Long WOD: “Humpday Hardio”
Friday: Snatching

Murph Hero Workout:
Sunday, July 28th. 4 Heats. 100 Spots! A fun and challenging workout scalable for all levels from beginner athletes to our most competitive! 

Learn the WHY, WHO and WHAT for our Annual Murph Hero WOD here!

Front Squat + Back Squat
– 2 + 4 Reps
– Building X 10 minutes to a challenging working weight
– Re-rack between the FS and BS. Keep the rest between squats to a minimum
– Goal is to get heavier than last week!

Working Sets X 3: Completed every 2.5 minutes;
Front Squat to Back Squat @ working weight (2+4)
Strict Handstand Pushups X sub max set
-Optimize to Box assisted Pike Pushups
or any other version that builds your overhead pressing strength!

3 Rounds for time: (12 minute cap)
Single Arm Deadlift X 12 reps (left side)
Single Arm Hang Power Clean X 9 reps (left side)
Single Arm Shoulder to Overhead X 6 reps (left side)
Burpees over DB X 10 reps
Perform all Single Arm movements on Right side!
Toes to Bar X 10 reps

*Choose a DB weight that you can go unbroken on for all sets!

Lift Off 2019, Nick Z.


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