Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Training Preview: Week 2/4
Wednesday: Partner Long WOD: “Humpday Hardio”
Friday: Snatching

Murph Hero Workout:
Sunday, July 28th. 4 Heats. 100 Spots! A fun and challenging workout scalable for all levels from beginner athletes to our most competitive! 

Learn the WHY, WHO and WHAT for our Annual Murph Hero WOD here!

Bench Press with pause
– Building in sets of 3s to a heavy for the day
– Pause for 1 second at the bottom of each rep 1″ above chest
– Take 12 minutes

2 Rounds: Every 3 minutes
DB Bench Press pause pyramid
– Pause for 1 second for the first rep, 2 seconds for the 2nd rep, 3 seconds for the 3rd rep, continue this till failure or when 10 reps have been completed.
Follow each set with Abwheel rollouts X max quality reps
*If the abwheel rollout is too advanced for you try the 30-40 seconds of the Plank walkout
Rest remaining time of each round!

For time: (14 minute cap)
Russian KB Swings
Double Unders
*Run a 200 meter after each round
*Scale to Single unders using the same rep count above.
*Choose a KB weight that allows you to perform sets of 25 reps at a time.
– Row 250 meters or Bike for 1 minute if needed!

Coach Cara recently receiving her hard earned Precision Nutrition Certification. Also a friendly reminder that we offer personalized Nutrition coaching with Cara and Dietician, Kristen DeAngelis.


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