Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Training Preview: Week 2/4
Friday: Snatching

Working OUT VI Pedro and his entourage!

Murph Hero Workout:
Sunday, July 28th. 4 Heats. 100 Spots! A fun and challenging workout scalable for all levels from beginner athletes to our most competitive! 

Learn the WHY, WHO and WHAT for our Annual Murph Hero WOD here!

In pairs, complete the following 3 Amraps;

Amrap 1:
11 Minutes
2,000/1,750 meter Row
*Max effort Burpees
– Switch every 250 meters!
– Partner 1 rows, partner 2 performs a Farmers Hold with 2 DB or KB
*Finish remaining time of Amrap with max reps burpees.
– Switch every 5 burpees!

Rest 2 minutes

Amrap 2:
11 Minutes
5,500/5,000 Meters Bike
*Max effort Pushpress
– Switch every 450 meters!
– Partner 1 bikes, partner 2 performs a bottom squat hold, active or passive
– *Finish remaining time of Amrap with max reps Pushpress
– Switch every 10 reps!
– Barbell weight should be light, something no more than 35% of C&J or 45% of Pushpress. Be able to complete 10 reps in a row of every time!

Rest 2 minutes

Amrap 3:
11 Minutes
Minutes 0-7:
20 X Double Unders
– Optimize with 40 Single Unders
8 X Box Jump Overs
– Alternating rounds!
Minutes 7-11:
Anchored Abmats for max reps!
– Alternate every 10 reps!
– Hold feet for partner


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