Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

Training Preview: Week 3/4
Wednesday: Snatch + Deadlifts
Friday: Front Squat to Back Squat + CF Benchmark “Jackie”

Review and practice Sandbag Cleans

3 Rounds: 1 Minute ON/ 1 Minute OFF X 6 Stations
Min 1: Row for calories
Min 2: HSPU or Seated DB Press
Min 3: Bike for calories
Min 4: Alternating Toes to Bar or Walking V-ups
Min 5: Run 200 meters
Min 6: Sandbag/Slamball Clean + Over the shoulder
Rest 2 Minutes

*Get the whiteboards out and record your first round scores. Aim to match or beat that number for rounds 2 and 3! Be accountable to yourself!


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