Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Training Preview: Week 3/4
Friday: Front Squat to Back Squat + CF Benchmark “Jackie”

Working OUT VI

Halting Snatch
– Doubles, reset between reps
– 1 sec Halt above knee for both reps
– Choose full squat or power catch
– Practice technique for 10 minutes and build to moderate working weight

EMOTM X 6 Rounds (Snatch Waves)
Snatch or Power Snatch X 1 rep
Min 1,4: Working Weight from Part A
Min 2,5: Add weight
Min 3,6: Add weight

“Death By”: Deadlifts and Lateral Bar over Burpees
Min 1: 1 rep of each, rest remaining
Min 2: 2 reps of each, rest remaining
Min 3: 3 reps of each, rest remaining
Min 4-12: Continue in this fashion, increasing reps by 1 for each additional minute.

*Once you miss a round, you must rest 1 minute before continuing back into the workout. Reduce rep scheme by 3 reps and continue for the rest of the time remaining with that rep count!

*Deadlift weight should be no more than 50% of 1rm Deadlift and something you can perform at least 15 reps of in a row with good form!


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