Monday, August 5th, 2019

Throwback to that time we did Murph πŸ™‚

Training Preview: Week 4/4
Tuesday: Hang Snatch + OHS + Tabata Push/Pull
Wednesday: FS to BS, Find heavy (1+2)
Friday: Bench Press + Bar Muscle Up/Sprint Intervals

Teams of 2, Amrap X 32 Minutes
50 X Partner Synchro Situps, Feet anchored with partner
150 X Wallballs
– Break in sets of 10s
200 X Plate Jumps (45/25lb plate)
– Break in sets of 25s
150 X Plate Snatches (45/25lb plate)
– Break in sets of 10s
50 X Partner Synchro Mountain Climbers
800 Meter Run as a team


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