Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

Training Preview: Week 4/4
Wednesday: FS to BS, find heavy (1+2)
Friday: Bench Press + Bar Muscle Up/Sprint Intervals

Working OUT VI

Hang Snatch + OHS
– Power or full squat are both options today
– (1+1) X 2, building x 10 minutes to moderate to heavy weight. No fails!
– You will always have the option to Clean instead if you are not ready for the Snatch positions.

EMOTM X 6 Minutes, 30 seconds ON/ 30 seconds OFF for max quality reps: (3 Rounds)
Min 1: Hang Power Snatch
Min 2: Overhead Squats
– Scale to OH Reverse Lunges if needed

Tabata: 20 ON/ 10 OFF X 6 Rounds at each station with a 1 minute break in between
Double DB Pushpress
Russian KB Swings – Heavy
Pushups or Strict Handstand Pushups
Sumo Deadlift HighPulls with KB – Heavy


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