Monday, August 19th, 2019

This is the 2nd week of testing. New cycle starts on Monday the 26th.

Week’s Preview: 2/2
Tuesday: Deadlift or Sumo Deadlift + Team Cindy
Wednesday: Hero WOD “Whitten”
Friday: Front Squat or Overhead Squat + “Grace”

Coach Kay in Team WOD.

A note about our testing week: 
Every 4 months we have a 2 week window at Defined where we test many of your core barbell lifts, Girl/Hero WODS, and baseline CFD workouts.

If you are a new athlete at Defined use these next 2 weeks to establish and record your baseline numbers or if you have been with us for a while this is a great time to check in with your last testing results to gauge your progress.  

Recording your numbers for these next 2 weeks is extremely valuable to being accountable to your training and making sure you are growing and progressing in our program.

Strict Shoulder Press
-Build to heavy 3 or 1 rep max for the day!
-Suggested rep scheme: 5-5-3-3-2-1-1-1
-8 Sets X 90 seconds

Push Press
-Start at 70-80% of heavy from Part A
-Build to heavy 3 or 1 rep max for the day!
-Suggested rep scheme: 3-3-2-1-1-1
-6 Sets X 90 seconds

Every 3 Minutes X 4 Rounds: (12 minutes)
Row 400 Meters AFAP!
*Optimize to 300 Meters to finish under 90 seconds each round!
Rest remaining time of each round.
*Recording fastest round overall!


Next Foundations: Starting on September 8th!