Monday, August 26th, 2019

Starting a new cycle today!
Week’s Preview: Week 1/4
Tuesday: Back Squats
Wednesday: Single Leg RDL + Running
Friday: Gymnastics Core Conditioning + CF Benchmark workout: “Christine”

*Class Addition Reminder: We are adding a Def Con (Defined Conditioning) class to the schedule for the next 4 weeks, Wednesdays only, replacing the 5 and 7pm classes. Class description here!

Power Clean + Strict Press + Push press
– Building to heavy complex X 10 minutes
– (1+1+ 2)
– Your strict press will be the determining factor for how heavy you get today!

4 Rounds: Every 2 Minutes
Power Clean + Push press X Sub Max Set
– Using heavy from Part A.

12 Minute Amrap
Russian KB Swing X 10 + reps
– Reps increase by 2 every round: 10-12-14-16, etc..
Pushups X 15 reps
Double Unders X 30 reps
– Optimize with Single Unders X 60 if needed.


Next Foundations: Starting on September 8th!