August 30, 2019

“We don’t care how MUCH you lift!”

Thinking about joining a CrossFit program or strength gym, feel intimidated and don’t know where to start? Foundations is for you!

What is Foundations?

Foundations or on-ramp is a group or private course that teaches the foundational movements  from Weightlifting to dumbbells and all skills used in our CrossFit program.  

Foundations starts every 2 weeks meeting 4 times per week for a total of 8 sessions in small groups of 6-10 individuals. 

Why should I care about Foundations? 

Coaching for everybody!Whether you are a seasoned athlete that may need to train out some bad habits or completely new to using a barbell and being in group classes, Foundations is for you. 

You are not going to climb a rope before you get your first pullup. Learning how to modify and scale movements to personalize your experience based on your strength, endurance and limitations are one of the most important takeaways in progressing safely, accelerating progress and just plain having fun in our program! 

Community is the key to your new home. Understanding the social atmosphere and rules and flow of the gym will build confidence and give some much-needed time for you to get to know your coaches and fellow members as individuals and not just the people who are coaching you and training around you. 

Practice makes perfect! Reinforcing movement through repetition and learning how to use and control your body will increase your work capacity. That not only means you will get fitter, faster, but practicing consistency in Foundations means consistency with training which leads to real long-term results! 

At Defined we don’t care how MUCH you lift, we care HOW you lift!

Whether your goals are to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle or just have fun and feel better; Foundations is the ONLY place to start. We are not only focused on quality of movement but quality of life.

Invest in yourself, contact us and let’s start that journey together!

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The best coaches and teammates
in Chicago. Hands down. This place has changed
my life.

F. Almeda, joined in 2016

Good morning Coach, I just did a workout at a CrossFit gym here in DC and I want to tell you how much I appreciate the team at Defined. You guys "spoil us" with not only amazing equipment but also amazing coaches who know how to bring the best out of us.

Eurenice Houndjahoue, 2019

I could go on...If you're on the fence about spending a significant chunk of change every month, think of it as one of the best investments in yourself you can make - physically, mentally, and socially. It doesn't matter if you've had trouble going to the gym regularly in the past or you've been a competitive athlete, this place is for you. Seriously. Do it.

Valerie K., 2019

From day one, everyone has gone out of their way to learn my name and relate. It really is an awesome community. I imagine CFD is CrossFit the way CrossFit was always meant to be - gritty (no mirrors - sorry, no selfies), casual, warm, and effective.

Dan T., 2019



Lift n’ Learn

Maybe you have seen CrossFit on social media, heard about it from a friend at a dinner party, read about it somewhere or have a co-worker who swears by it.

Row Raiser 2019

Participants join together in teams of 5 to 10 and complete a 26.2 mile row (42,195 meters). All proceeds go directly supporting the Defined Special Olympics Powerlifting team & the Dancer Love Foundation.