Monday, September 16th, 2019

Our “Legacy” Club just grew by 46 athletes this month. Celebrating our longest standing members since 2012, 2013 and 2014 is always our pleasure!

Week’s Preview: Week 4/4
Tuesday: Power Clean + Pushpress + Turkish Getup skill work
Wednesday: Gymnastics core conditioning + Run Wod
Friday: Single Leg RDLs + Deadlifting

Back Squat
– Every 90 seconds, for 8 rounds
– Sets of 5s, building 
– No fail sets! 
– Slow down, fast up. 2:1 pacing!
– Try to increase load from week 2 on this cycle.

6 Rounds: 90 seconds ON/ 90 seconds OFF
Front Rack Lunge X 8+ reps
– Alternating with each rep
Heavy Wallballs X 8+ Reps
Row for calories X max reps

– Every round increase reps on lunges and wallballs by 1+ reps.
– Using no more than 30% of Back Squat for barbell weight, a weight that is light to moderate that you can perform for 20 lunge reps in a row unbroken.

*Recording total calories rowed over 6 rounds


Last September Foundations: Starting Sunday, September 22nd. Limited Registration available!