Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

A great example of how to scale the bodyweight pushup from one of our members, Jill W.

Week’s Preview: Week 4/4
Friday: Single Leg RDLs + Deadlifting

*Def- Con or (Defined Conditioning) will be every class time today!

3 Rounds: Gymnastics Conditioning
30 sec. X Handstand Hold
– Using wall or freestanding
15 sec. X Rest
30 sec. X Active Hang
Scapular Pullups, Tuck hold, L hold
15 sec. X Rest
30 sec. X Reverse Plank Bridge
15 sec. X Rest
30 sec. X Toe touch Crunch
15 sec. X Rest

Teams of 3: All working at the same time
7 Minutes On/ 2 Minutes Off

Amrap 1: 7 minutes
Run X 200 meters (pace car)
Renegade Row with DB

Rest 2 minutes

Amrap 2: 7 minutes
Row X 250 meters (pace car)
Single Arm Thruster with KB
Russian Medball Twist

Rest 2 minutes

Amrap 3: 7 minutes
Bike X 1 minute (pace car)
Wall Climbs
Toes to post

*The bike, run and row are all pace cars; each determining when teams of 3 rotate stations.


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