Friday, September 20th, 2019

Week 4/4

Proper ankle mobility is one of the pre-requisites for a good squat. It starts from the ground up; if your knee cannot come forward then your torso will. Do you have tight ankles? Simple Fix- Foam roller smashing X 2 minutes each side

3 Rounds: 60 ON/ 15 OFF
Single Leg RDL with Lat activation X 30 seconds each side
Single Arm Bent Over Row X 30 seconds each side

Conventional Deadlift
– Sets of 5 building
– No fail sets!
– 8 Rounds X 90 seconds
– Overhand grip only!

12 Minute Strength Amrap
5/3 X Strict Pullups, any style grip
10/7 X Pushup to Abmat
10 X Squat with empty barbell 45/35/15lbs
Min 0-4: OHS
Min 4-8: BS
Min 8-12: Zercher


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