Monday, September 23rd, 2019

Deload/Transition week: New cycle starting Monday, 9/30
Week’s Preview-
Tuesday: 3 Position Clean or Snatch + Running
Wednesday: Back Squat triples with pace
Friday: Rope Climb Technique

2020 Defined Intramural Registration!

3 Rounds; 1 Minute ON/ 20 Seconds OFF
– Flexed Arm Hang to Dead Hang
– Tall Box Jumps
Choose or build to a height that is challenging and under your max, step down each rep.
1/2 Kneeling Single Arm Bottoms up Press
Spend 30 seconds each side

Bench Press
– Build in sets of 10
– Take 12 minutes
– Slow down, fast up pacing!

10 minute Amrap
Single Arm Thruster X 9 reps
– alternate sides every round
Double Unders X 35 reps
– Optimize with 70 Single Unders


Last September Foundations: Starting Tuesday, September 24th. Limited Registration available! (ONLY 2 more days to register)