Friday, September 27th, 2019

Deload/Transition week: New cycle starting Monday, 9/30

2020 Defined Intramural Registration open till 10/2!

Rope Climbing Techniques: 12 minutes
Practicing the “J” hook technique
We will have progressions for all levels from the athlete that is still working on grip strength to support bodyweight, to the athlete that can climb all the way up with no legs! Rope climbs and pull-up strength will be a focus on our next cycle! Today will be a sneak preview!

Partner Workout: Teams of 2 (22 minute cap)
Complete the following for time;
2 Rounds:
Partner 1: Rows for distance
Partner 2: Completes:
100 X Doubles
– Optimize to 200 Singles if needed
50 X Abmats

*Once athlete 2 completes their work, partners switch places. Repeat for 2 rounds total!

Rest 2 Minutes

30 X Pushpress
30 X Back Squats
30 X Pushpress
– Only 1 person working at a time, alternating between work and rest as needed!

*Barbell weight should not exceed 55/60% of Strict press, 45/50% of Pushpress or 35/40% of C&J


Next October Foundations: Starting Sunday, October 6th. Limited Registration available! Email to hold your spot!