Defined Intramurals 3.0

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11.21.19 | Final recap as told by Coach K. 

Hello 2020 Defined Intramural Athletes!

Wow!! What a flurry of a 5 weeks it was. I have taken the last two weeks to reflect, listen to feedback, and look over my notes. Overall thought, Defined Intramurals is so much more then ARMY GREEN vs. NAVY BLUE.

It’s about;
– the newbie athletes putting themselves out there and in an uncomfortable situation.
– the experienced competitive athlete challenging themselves and their peers to be better than last year.
– the athlete who has “plateaued” in their training and needed a little push and competitive atmosphere.
– the 530am, 630am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm ,6pm ,7pm ,8pm, weightlifting, and power-lifting athletes getting the opportunity to meet and mingle with each other.
– reconnecting with your “FOUNDATIONS | ONRAMP” friend that you made but now goes to a different class time than you.
– the cheers, excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and/or fear each and every athlete felt over the 5 weeks
– performing your first ever RX workout in the CrossFit Open
– getting your first ever Ring Muscle Up
– pushing yourself harder than you ever have in a CrossFit WOD

And there’s so much more I can go on with!

Thank you to all the athletes and friends for your participation and support, especially with such a quick turn around from the last Intramurals. We all did an amazing job of doing our parts to make sure everyone’s experience was the best it could be.

On a personal level, it is always an honor and privilege to serve the CrossFit and Defined communities.It’s a pleasure to watch and be part of each athletes successes and failures. Let’s celebrate all of these triumphs and learn from all of the failures.

Thank you to all the coaches at Defined for motivating teams and athletes, the smooth flow of set-up/breakdown, and making sure all the little details were accounted for.

A huge thank you to the man behind the curtain over the last 5 weeks, Mr. Stephen Wang. The man who took care of all scoring, created google forms, make any corrections, and made sure it was as smooth and easy as possible for the athletes and coaches. THANK YOU WANG!

Final rankings;
1st place – ARMY GREEN – 1761pts
2nd place – NAVY BLUE – 1599pts

Week1 – Week2 – Week3 – Week4 – Week5 – Bonus – Total
Navy Blue 357 – 359 – 332 – 309 – 232 – 10 – 1599
Army Green 366 – 360 – 347 – 328 – 350 – 10 – 1761

Take a look at the attachment below for the top 3 athletes from each division for each of the 5 WODs of the 2020 Open.

Here is the detailed breakdown of scoring.

I’m always open to feedback to make this thing bigger and better every year. Please feel free to reach out to me! Till next year…

Coach Kevin (

2020 Intramural Update
Week 1 Winner – Team Blue
Week 2 Winner – Team Green
Week 3 Winner – Team Green
Week 4 Winner – Team Green
Week 5 Winner – Team Green
Overall 2020 Defined Intramural Team Champion – Team GREEN

DEFINED INTRAMURAL 3.0 – Friday Night Lights!

Back by popular demand, Defined is bringing back our weekly in-house throw-downs—and along with them, a sprinkle of healthy gym-wide competition.

New to Defined—or need a refresher? Here’s what this fun, team-oriented intramural is all about…


As a gym, we complete the 5 CrossFit Open workouts together. The CrossFit Open is a 5-week online competition that is open to everyone; last year over 400,000 athletes registered from over 175 different countries. This in-house program is independent of the CrossFit Open, and you do not need to register for the CrossFit Open to participate with us! Defined Intramural 2020 is open to EVERYONE: all levels, abilities, and experiences!

WHY do we do it?

Defined’s goal is to educate and inspire! Competition helps with the ‘inspire’ part; the pressure to perform pushes you to train harder; the social boost of dozens of your best friends and fellow gym-mates cheering for you will help you reach a greater expression of performance. Most importantly, we focus on inclusion and celebration. Defined Intramurals is meant to be a memorable experience during which you’ll support and be supported.

HOW does it work?

Once everyone has registered (DEADLINE: Wednesday, October 2nd at 11:59pm to ensure a team uniform), we’ll divide the gym into 2 random teams. Team scoring will be based on different factors; performance alone will not decide who wins and loses. You may do the workouts outside of the Friday Night Lights throw-down and still score points for your team; HOWEVER, the goal is for everyone to come together on Friday for an open throw-down from 7:00pm to 9:00pm (while repping your team uniform). You do not need to be at each Friday throw-down to participate. You can also miss a workout; it’s a cumulative effort from the team that matters.

WHEN are the throw-downs?


Every Friday from 7:00pm-9:00pm we’ll run heats for each workout, along with judges to count and score reps. Spectators are welcome and encouraged to watch and cheer on participants. Bring a friend, a beverage, and some snacks—and we’ll end the week on a high note!

Week 1 Throwdown Oct 11th

Week 2 Throwdown Oct. 18th

Week 3 Throwdown Oct. 25th

Week 4 Throwdown Nov. 1st

Week 5 Throwdown Nov. 8th

Register Here. 


COST: $25 uniform


4pts – Throw-down participation: ATTEND Friday Night Lights.

2pts – Team Spirit: wear your team uniform DURING Friday Night Lights.

1pt – Attend x1 weightlifting class

1pt – Attend x1 strength cafe class

1pt – Attend x2 of any combination of the following classes: SLR/DefCon/Team WOD/KB/Life Lifting

1pt – social media posts using #definedIntramurals #defined #morethanagym

10pts/8pts/6pts – Top 3 male/female athletes in RX and Scaled Division. Scoring is based on gym scores (not the CrossFit Open Leaderboard scores).


Email Coach Kevin at

We can’t wait to see you there! Don’t foget to register by Oct. 2nd. 

– Team CFD