Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

New Cycle starts this week.
Week’s Preview: Week 1/4
Friday: Rope Climb Tech + Partner run wod: “Hang in there”

Row Raiser 2019!

10 Minute Quality Amrap
Partner Assisted Chin-ups X Sub-max set
– Sub-max means, leave 1 or 2 reps in the tank
– Depending on your current strength, perform all reps with chin over bar or chest to bar
Turkish Getup Complex
– Floor Press X 5 reps + Turkish Getup + Strict Press from Standing
– Perform one set each side with KB or DB

*Move together and work with your partner with goals of completing 3 rounds each!

Speed Bench Press
– Build in sets of 3s
– Tempo: 3 seconds down, fast up!
– Every 90 seconds, building to challenging working weight
– Take 6 sets

EMOTM X 5 Rounds (15 minutes)
Min 1: Bench Press X 4-6 reps
– Fast, no tempo, using working weight from Part B
Min 2: Single Arm Snatch X 15 reps
– Perform with a heavy DB or KB, alternating sides with each rep
Min 3: Box Jump Overs X 15 reps