Monday, October 7th, 2019

Week’s Preview: Week 2/4
Tuesday: Speed Bench + Run wod
Wednesday: 2 Position Clean/Snatch + Strength Amrap
Friday: TBD.
* We will do our best to program the CrossFit Open workouts for the next 5 Friday’s. Once the details are released on Thursday we will make that call each week dependent on equipment, time and space requirements.

Row Raiser 2019!

3 Rounds for Quality: 1 Minute ON/ 15 Seconds OFF
Zercher Lunge Split Squat
– Spend 30 seconds each side
– Increase load with each round if needed
Inverted Bodyweight Row + Flexed Arm Hang X (10 reps + Hold)
– Using Rings or Barbell with squat rack
– Choose a height that makes 10 reps challenging, then hold for remaining time
Side Plank or StarFish Plank
– Spend 30 seconds each side
– Stick with regular Side plank until 30 seconds each side becomes easy

Back Squat: Speed Sets
– Warmup X 4 reps X 8 minutes
– Take 8 seconds or less to perform all 4 reps
– Each rep ends at parallel
– Goal is to increase load from Week 1

Working Sets X 3 X 2 minutes
Speed Back Squats X 8 reps
– Perform in 16 seconds or less

For time: (8 minute cap)
21-15-9 reps of;
Row for calories
Box Jumps

*Scale to finish – Sprint effort!


  • Next Foundations: Started Sunday, October 6th. (Late registration open till Tuesday Noon) Email to hold your spot!