Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

Programming Preview: Week 2/4
Friday: TBD…
A note about the CrossFit Open and Defined Intramural League!
Week 1/5:
We will do our best to program the CrossFit Open workouts as Friday’s WOD for the next 5 weeks. Once the details are released on Thursdays we will make that call each week dependent on equipment, time and space requirements.
7pm Class time: Cancelled for the next 5 weeks.
Join us for Week 1 Intramural Throw-down. 7-9pm. All are welcome, spectators are encouraged!

Row Raiser 2019!

2-Position Clean + Split Jerk: (1+1+1)
2-Position Snatch + Snatch Balance: (1+1+1)
– 2 Position: Ground + Hang
– Power or Squat
– Take 10 minutes building to a working weight
– Choose a lift you want to focus on for this cycle.   

E.M.O.T.M. X 8 Minutes
Min 1,2,3:
– Using working weight from Part A
Hang Clean + Split Jerk (1+1)
Hang Snatch + Snatch Balance (1+1)
Min 4,5: Add weight
Min 6: Rest
Min 7,8: Add weight
* No fails!

14 Minute Amrap
Strict Chin-ups X 5/3 reps
– Optimize to Flexed Arm Hang X 15/10 seconds
Walking Plate Pushups X 10 reps
– Optimize to Elevated Bar Pushups
Single Arm Snatch X 20 reps, alternating sides


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