Friday, October 11th, 2019

The Defined Intramural has begun! Get your game faces on! Which will it be, Team Green or Team Blue!

Week 2/4
2020 Intramural Throwdown:
All members are welcome! 7-9pm! Wear your Team Colors! If you are registered for the Intramural, please show up on time to find your heat and judge, if you are not registered, come cheer on your fellow Defined Members!
*7pm Class time: Cancelled for the next 5 weeks. All other class times are a go!

3 Rounds: 1 Minute On/ 15 seconds off
Min 1: Rope Climb Development
– Practicing the “J” hook technique
– We will have progressions for all levels, from the athlete that is still working on supporting bodyweight, to the athlete that can climb all the way up with no legs! 
Min 2: Split Jerk + Split Jerk Press with DBs (1+1)
Min 3: Banded or Barbell Good Mornings
– Move Slow and vary foot position from narrow to wide stance

CrossFit Open 20.1
10 Rounds for time: (15 minute cap)
8 X Ground to Overhead
– Optimize from the Hang position if needed!
10 X Bar Facing Burpees

*Ground to Overhead: Power Clean and Jerk or Power Snatch, either option is acceptable!

CrossFit Rx Weight: 95/65lbs
CrossFit Scaled Weight: 65/45lbs
Defined Weight Suggestion: Using no more than 35% of C&J or 45% of Snatch. Something you can perform all 8 reps touch and go each round!


  • Next Foundations: Starting Sunday, October 20th. Email to hold your spot!
  • Book a “No Sweat” Intro session here to set up an in person meeting and tour with one of our head coaches!