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March 16th @ 4:53p | Coronavirus Schedule Update – we will be closing the gym Tuesday, March 17th and will be scheduled to open up again on Wednesday, April 8th.

During that time we will be hosting a virtual Lifestyle Challenge & At Home Training Program with all of our coaches and the entire community along with an equipment lending program starting on Wednesday. Please contact us for details and stay tuned for additional communication (email & social media). This is a short post, but we wanted to let everyone know ahead of the public announcements that will come out shortly. 

Please note the following schedule changes, additions or upcoming events. These are typically items that are not common on the schedule from week to week. Like Yoga, Nutrition Challenges, Class Changes or Holiday Events. 

Additional notices and details are posted on the Instagram main feed and on the stories section. 

Upcoming Yoga Dates on Sundays @ 11a (10$ Drop in for non-members)

  • April 19th & 26th

Foundations Program for New Members (start dates) – Details here.

  • Sunday, April 19th @ 8a

“Easter Sunday” – please note that we will be closed on Sunday, April 12th.

Murph Day” – Sunday, May 24th. Details and registration coming soon.