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May 9th @ 12:35p | Coronavirus Update – we are adapting into our “new” normal and making the best out of the situation. We are constantly adding “virtual” classes, nutrition programs & home bases training programs; the committed club has also returned and we just wrapped up a new apparel launch. Daily details and links are always posted on the workout page.

As of now we are hoping to open up at the end of the month. Pritzker & Lightfood will keep us up to speed on when and what that looks like.  

Please note the following schedule changes, additions or upcoming events. These are typically items that are not common on the schedule from week to week. Like Yoga, Nutrition Challenges, Class Changes or Holiday Events. 

Additional notices and details are posted on the Instagram main feed and on the stories section. Make sure to give us a follow. 

Upcoming Events 

  • Recovery Yoga (May 3rd, 10th & 24th – link here)
  • Foundations Program for new athletes (June 14th) – details here
  • Lift & Learn (June 27th) – details here 

Projected Re-Opening Date – June 1st