Friday, November 8th, 2019

New Cycle Starts this Week! 
Week’s Preview: Week 1/4

This Sunday: Recovery Yoga with Kristen (11am-Noon) Free for members, $10 drop in for non members! Recover your mind and body with this 1 hour all levels Vinyasa Flow Class!

EMOTM X 3 Rounds
40 seconds ON/ 20 seconds OFF
Min 1: Banded Good Mornings
Min 2: Renegade Row
Min 3: Sotts press, backrack, wide grip
Min 4: Active Hang with scapular pullups.

CrossFit Open 20.5
For time: (20 minute cap)
(Partitioned in any way)
40 X Ring Muscle Ups
– Optimize to Pullups, Jumping chest to bar pullups, etc..
80 X Calorie Row
120 X Wallballs

CrossFit Rx:
Ring Muscle ups
Wallball 20/14lbs

CrossFit Scaled:
Wallball 14/10lbs

Suggested Approach: Regardless if you are doing Ring Muscle ups, Pullups or scaled pullups this workout can be partitioned in any way. Goal is to keep moving and finish as fast as possible. Choose the option below that aligns with your muscle up/pull-up abilities!

10 Round Approach-
4 X Muscle up or Pullup
8 X Row for Calories
12 X Wallballs

8 Round Approach-
5 X Muscle up or Pullup
10 X Row for Calories
15 X Wallballs

20 Round Approach-
2 X Muscle up or Pullup
4 X Row for Calories
6 X Wallballs


  • Our Last 2 Foundations of 2019: Starting Sunday, Nov. 17th, A small group meeting for 6 sessions that will end just before the Holidays, & Dec. 8th! Email to hold your spot!
  • Book a “No Sweat” Intro session Here to set up an in person meeting and tour with one of our head coaches!