Monday, December 16th, 2019

Week’s Preview: Week 1/4
New Cycle starts today!
Tuesday: KB Unilateral Training
Wednesday: Shoulder to Overhead Complex
Friday: Hang Power Clean or Hang Power Snatch

Defined Year End Coaches Meeting! Learning and growing together! #morethanagym

Back Squat or Overhead Squat with pause: Athlete’s Choice
– Pause for 1 sec. in bottom position of each rep
– Take 12 minutes, building to heavy 3 working weight

Working Sets X 3, Every 2.5 minutes
BS or OHS X 3 reps with pause
– Increase pause to 3 sec per rep
Follow each set with: Max reps Dips
– Dips can be from Dip Bars, a bench or a set of boxes!
– Goal is 15 reps or more.
– Optimize to hit goal each round!

12 Minute Amrap
5/3 X Strict Pullups, any style
10 X Pushup to Abmat
15 X Heartbeat AirSquat with Abmat


  • Our Next Foundations Session: Starts Sunday, Jan. 5th! Email to join. 
  • Our Next Free “Lift & Learn”, Community Workout: Sat. Jan. 4th. 11am-Noon. Register here!
  • Book a “No Sweat” Intro session Here to set up an in person meeting and tour with one of our head coaches!