March 20, 2020

Flatten The Curve | Email #1

Email #1 from Wednesday, March 18th @ 7:42p to all Flatten The Curve Challenge participants.

Virtual Defined | Day 2 . . . ✅

Good evening, we (the entire Defined “Virtual” Team) thought we would check in on day two to see how things are going with you. But first, let’s look at the numbers from the last 48 hours. 

  • 110 members came in today to check out equipment. The most common combo was a 35lb DB or KB along with a 15lb or 25lb bumper plate. And hats off to Ryan P. for taking home the only keg.
  • 154 members & guests have signed up for the “Flatten The Curve” challenge, which covers 5 states and 3 countries. And registration keeps coming in. 
  • 2,345,120 social media shares have happened. The creativity is blowing our minds. Keep it coming everyone, Coach Sarah (Instagram VP) wants to see more!
  • 2 At-Home Workouts & Lifestyle Challenges have been completed. 

Flatten The Curve Details.
Here is the scoop for the remainder of the week. You get daily points for the At-Home Workouts, completing healthy nutrition & lifestyle habits, and for participating in the daily challenge. All scores should be submitted daily using the link on our Instagram bio or via the daily website post here. Trophies, TopoChico & Cash Prizes will be given to those at the top of the leaderboard when we wrap this up. After you read this email, take 30 seconds and submit your scores from Tuesday & Wednesday using either of the links above. 

The last thing to point out is to maintain some type of schedule. Build some consistency during this time of uncertainty. For example, we are posting the daily At Home Workouts the night before at about 9p on our website, the daily workouts are also posted on Instagram at 9a the day of, and the daily challenge is posted on Instagram (main page or stories) around 12p. We encourage you to build some consistency in your day as well. 

Personally, I have doubled down on my 5-Minute Journal and daily tricep workouts. #lookoutNickD

Take care and please reach out to those who are home alone and please continue spreading good vibes. We will check in on Friday to announce the winners of the coaching staff head to head virtual throwdown. There might be a fitness AND potpie eating AMRAP for those two. We will also share a link to the leaderboard.

Please reach out with any questions. We are happy to assist. 
Coach David & Team “Virtual” Defined

PS – you (and your friends) can still sign up for the “Flatten the Curve” challenge here. Now go post your scores using the links above. 

The best coaches and teammates
in Chicago. Hands down. This place has changed
my life.

F. Almeda, joined in 2016

Good morning Coach, I just did a workout at a CrossFit gym here in DC and I want to tell you how much I appreciate the team at Defined. You guys "spoil us" with not only amazing equipment but also amazing coaches who know how to bring the best out of us.

Eurenice Houndjahoue, 2019

I could go on...If you're on the fence about spending a significant chunk of change every month, think of it as one of the best investments in yourself you can make - physically, mentally, and socially. It doesn't matter if you've had trouble going to the gym regularly in the past or you've been a competitive athlete, this place is for you. Seriously. Do it.

Valerie K., 2019

From day one, everyone has gone out of their way to learn my name and relate. It really is an awesome community. I imagine CFD is CrossFit the way CrossFit was always meant to be - gritty (no mirrors - sorry, no selfies), casual, warm, and effective.

Dan T., 2019



Defined Foundations

You’re one step closer to becoming the best version of YOU! Healthy, fit, strong and confident. Defined creates an an athlete in everybody and . . .

Good News Tuesday

New apparel launches today! Coach David dreamt up a one-off, Defined design tribute to Support Your Local Box. Pre-sales begin today and end Friday; so snag your swag from Part 1 of this 2 part series.