May 31, 2020

Updated Schedule & ZenPlanner Member App

Good afternoon Defined members; please make sure to take a minute or two to cruise through this post as we prepare to open this coming Wednesday (June 3rd, 2020).

Equipment Return Times. Please make sure all equipment is returned on Monday between 9 – 10a, 12 – 1p or from 6 – 7p. The coaches will be there to help you out with this. 

Defined Schedule Update. The schedule for the first two weeks is published and live. You can take a look at it here. Please keep in mind that we will be making frequent changes to accommodate all our members while adhering to city guidelines around re-opening.  

ZenPlanner Member App. You can download the new ZenPlanner Member app here. Your username is the email address you provided when you signed up. If you need assistance, please email and put “ZenPlanner + your name” in the subject line for a super quick response time. 

Training classes start on Wednesday! We will post a lot more in the next 24 – 36 hours about how the sign-up process works and the best-practices we are putting in place around this. But in short, we have to limit all classes sizes to 10 people, and all members will have to pre-sign up for classes. 
There is a lot more to come, but we wanted to give everyone time to download the app and start registering for classes. The next email will have a ton of information about the schedule and how we will operate as the city moves into phase 3 of re-opening. 

Team Defined

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The best coaches and teammates
in Chicago. Hands down. This place has changed
my life.

F. Almeda, joined in 2016

Good morning Coach, I just did a workout at a CrossFit gym here in DC and I want to tell you how much I appreciate the team at Defined. You guys "spoil us" with not only amazing equipment but also amazing coaches who know how to bring the best out of us.

Eurenice Houndjahoue, 2019

I could go on...If you're on the fence about spending a significant chunk of change every month, think of it as one of the best investments in yourself you can make - physically, mentally, and socially. It doesn't matter if you've had trouble going to the gym regularly in the past or you've been a competitive athlete, this place is for you. Seriously. Do it.

Valerie K., 2019

From day one, everyone has gone out of their way to learn my name and relate. It really is an awesome community. I imagine CFD is CrossFit the way CrossFit was always meant to be - gritty (no mirrors - sorry, no selfies), casual, warm, and effective.

Dan T., 2019



Defined Foundations

You’re one step closer to becoming the best version of YOU! Healthy, fit, strong and confident. Defined creates an an athlete in everybody and . . .

Good News Tuesday

New apparel launches today! Coach David dreamt up a one-off, Defined design tribute to Support Your Local Box. Pre-sales begin today and end Friday; so snag your swag from Part 1 of this 2 part series.