Friday, June 26th, 2020

Phase #4 is upon us!
After 78 days closed and 24 days training outdoors, we have arrived!
Classes officially move indoors on Friday with a new class schedule launching next week! Stay tuned for more info before the end of the week!

Next Foundation, Starts July 7th! DM Coach Cara. if you have any friends or family that are interested in joining the communitty!

Back Squat (week 4)
– Warmup up to a challenging 5 rep working weight,
– Take 10 minutes, building in sets of 5s,
*Goal for today is to get heavier than last week and/or more comfortable with your squat technique. 

EMOTM: X 4 Rounds; (19 minutes)
Min 1: Back Squat X 5 reps with 1/14 pacing
– 1 & 1/4 Pacing: Pause just below parallel, just above, just below, then finish!
– Using working weight from Part A.
Min 2: Strict Chinups X sub max
– Banded, strict, weighted, negatives etc… Choose something that allows you to complete at least 8 reps
– Work for 40 seconds
Min 3: Weighted Carry, (heavy)
– Spend 30 sec. each side
– Single arm, any position: Overhead, front rack or suitcase carry
Min 4: Plank, any style X 1 minute
Min 5: Rest X 1 minute