March means we’re another month closer to Beach workouts, The Defined | CrossFit Open is two weeks away, and the sun shines a little longer each afternoon. It also means that we made it through one of the coldest, snowiest months our squad has ever seen; and that you made it through, again!

Turns out, resilience doesn’t have a season. As we spring forward, here’s what you need to know to stay engaged with our community! 

DEFINED INTRAMURALS begin March 12th! Registration closes March 5th.

Join us for our 3-week team-based challenge that highlights why we’re stronger together. We’ll perform one workout per week to test our capabilities and accrue points.

Defined Intramurals are for everyone, and we prioritize making CrossFit (and competition) more inclusive for all.

No matter your experience or skill level, this community-wide competition is meant to highlight your strengths. Come as you are and join us in class, at Open Gym, or on Friday nights.

Get out of the cold and embrace the heat with the best squad in town!

WHEN: March 11th – March 29th (register here)

Workouts will be released on Thursdays: 3/11, 3/18, 3/25

WORKOUTS: All participating athletes will perform workouts as the programmed daily training on Fridays. Think throwdown style: judge, count, and cheer for your friends. There will be modifications made to accommodate classes and the pods.

* If programming is changed for logistical reasons, athletes may perform workouts at Open Gym or at 7:30pm Friday nights as prescribed. Registration required.

TEAMS: All participating athletes will self-select to a team. Our 4 teams are based on choronotypes and peak productivity hours. Select the ticket type that refers to when you train most frequently. 

LIONS: 5:30AM / 6:30AM athletes

DOLPHINS: 8AM / 10:45AM / 12:00PM athletes

BEARS: Open Gym / 4PM / 5:10PM athletes

WOLVES: 6:20PM / 7:30PM athletes

FIRST FRIDAYS at Defined begin March 5th.

This new, recurring mini series celebrates community and connection on the first Friday of every month. Curated by your Defined coaches, we hope to bring you fun, safe, and social experiences that continue to empower you to be you.

Dance artist, ensemble member of The Seldoms, and Founder of Textured Dance, Damon Green, is kicking off our first First Fridays event with a Vogue class.


Masks Required.

$15 suggested donation.

22 spots, and they’re already SOLD OUT!

If you’re interested in joining us, put yourself on the waitlist ASAP. This one filled up quickly!


This month, we’re asking you to do some reflecting: What’s the WHY behind your training?

Understanding the WHY behind your training will ultimately guide your approach. For us, separating the body and mind doesn’t work because willpower won’t deliver outcomes without a WHY.

When was the last time you asked yourself any of the following questions?

What am I training for?

What’s the hardest part about getting to the gym, and why?

Is my training intentional?

Sometimes, we focus on what we do, rather than what we feel. And if we ignore those feelings, then we’re neglecting a mindful training narrative. 

“Life skills, longevity, camaraderie, commitment to my health; personally, those are my whys. 

It’s been two years since I cared about the number on the bar, or the time on the clock. And coincidentally, all of those number-based metrics have increased. A little effort and a lot of consistency will out-perform just about any program in the world.” – Coach David

Our ask? Consider what you want and need to get out of your training; and what you’re saying to yourself while you’re doing it. Every day is different, which means every day might also feel different. And that’s okay. The only thing that’s not okay is checking out the minute after you check in. Because showing up without purpose isn’t really showing up.

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