We’re so glad to see your face.

Every year, we look forward to Defined Intramurals because it means coming together for the same reasons. The Open is part physical challenge and part cheer squad: a perfect mix of how we train and who we are. A community united, we show up to share that experience–and many more. Strong, but make it social, right?

This month, we carry on with community events that bring people together. Because as you know, people are at the heart of what we do.

Defined Spotlight Athletes: Jim Kenny and Judson Bernardo 

Jim and Judson are two of our longest standing athletes. In over a decade, they have never canceled their memberships. From ditching junk food  to embracing early morning grit, these two have experienced the benefits of deep commitment and what it means to “get what you came for.”

“When I think of longevity I don’t really think about the length of a time period.” Judson tells us. “I think of the motivation and relationships that create that length of time.”

Longevity is about being open to an ongoing shift—and understanding that progress is an imperfect process. It’s propelled by intention with action: a self-determined desire to continue navigating our ever-evolving strength.

For Jim, “ longevity is the ability to live your best life, for as long as possible, without excuses. What are we willing to do better when no one is watching?” he asks.

To read their full interview, click here.

Let’s connect. Check out our events and updates for March!

Defined Intramurals: Sunday Service

  • One more opportunity to throw down!
  • Our final throwdown concludes with celebratory cold brew from our friends at Printer’s Row Coffee Co. on Sunday, 3/13. All proceeds are being donated to our Defined Scholarship Program.

CrossFit Caliente is back.

  • Join us for an all-Spanish workout on Friday, 3/25 at 6:20pm.
  • Spanish and non-spanish speakers are welcome. Bring a friend, too!
  • Zen Planner registration goes live next week.

New apparel: coming soon!

  • Defined’s Spring lewk is fresh.
  • In collaboration with Nicole Novotny, we’re launching a new design on lululemon apparel, that speaks to the ways we connect and sweat.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for a preorder coming later this month.

One more month of Yoga. 

  • Sunday, 3/20 with Coach Maggie at 12:30pm
  • Book your spot – it’s our last one for the season.
  • Yoga will return in Fall!

Invite your friends to Foundations!

Stay strong. 

Team Defined