Strength School


Small Group Private Training // Session 004 starts Tuesday, April 16th.

  • The PM Group will meet on Tue & Thu from 6:30p to 7:30p and on Fri from 5:30p to 6:30p. The first session will start on April 16th, the last session will be on Friday, March 10th.
  • Note: it’s ok to miss a day or two. Obviously, do your best not to, but it could happen and it will be ok. We will send you the missed programming if you can try to make up the training day.

Conjugate Defined gets a costume change…next session starting soon. Please contact us for start dates at

Strength School is a small-group training program dedicated to teaching skill transfer for developing consistency and awareness in movement and strength patterns. During this 4-week program, you’ll lift heavy weight to challenge positioning, moderate weight to focus on repeatable movement patterns, and lightweight at a high volume to prevent small inaccuracies from turning into larger issues.

This program is for athletes who have been with us less than 2+ years (and are at least  3-months past Foundations graduation) who are looking to feel more confident in their lifting technique. Application Defined has a 98% success rate on all PRs and compliments all forms of training.

There are no pre-requisites of strength or skill, you just need a desire to want to improve. Or have a subtle dissatisfaction with your current abilities. To be clear, this is not a Powerlifting, CrossFit or Weightlifting type program, however, you will get better at all those modalities. And much more.